State and Local Tax Compliance

In the highly competitive landscape of Certified Public Accountants, finding a strategic advantage over the competition is difficult. A proven method for gaining a competitive advantage is to expand your firm’s service offerings. You have already earned your client’s trust, so why not maximize your firm’s revenue potential by offering them a turnkey state and local tax compliance service?

Hesitant to enter the state and local tax compliance space because your staff may not have the time or experience necessary to offer expanded SALT services? Atlantax Systems has a quarter century of experience providing outsourced state and local tax compliance reporting and payment processing services. Partnering with our team of tax professionals will propel your firm into the state & local tax compliance space.


  • Batch mode tax rating
  • Monthly compliance reporting
  • Payment processing
  • DOR registrations
  • Audit support
  • Monthly activity reports


  • Flexibility to set each client’s fee
  • Predictable, recurring monthly revenue
  • No software or service licensing fee
  • Increase consulting opportunities
  • Increase client dependency
  • Improve client retention

Atlantax System’s CPA EDGE is the low risk, professional solution for CPA firms looking to enter the sales and use tax reporting space.

To learn more about Atlantax System’s CPA EDGE service contact Gary Rhodus at or by phone at 678-281-1964.