Dial Around Compensation (DAC) is the process by which Payphone Service Providers (PSP’s) receive reimbursement for toll free calls placed from their payphones. As mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Switch Based Resellers (SBR’s) must compensate the PSP’s for each toll free call placed from a payphone.

Atlantax has established an easy, effective way for SBR’s to calculate and remit dial around compensation revenues to the payphone owners. Simply send your electronic call detail records (CDR’s) to Atlantax and we will determine DAC liability, identify recipient PSP’s and distribute funds on your behalf.

To receive compensation for toll free calls placed from their payphones, PSP’s must provide their ANI data to Atlantax for inclusion in our database. ANI data is subsequently compared to the Switch Based Reseller’s CDR’s on a quarterly basis.

Any unmatched CDR’s are recycled for four additional processing quarters in an effort to identify the underlying Payphone Service Provider.

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