Reverse Sales Tax Audit Services

AdVantage Tax provides clients with reverse audit services for state and local taxes to reduce erroneous payments, improve processes, and overall enhancing your company’s performance and bottom line.

Our professionals have provided recovery audit services to clients with multiple locations, large transaction volumes, and complex pricing structures. Our recovery audit services are designed to review and identify potential payment errors in your accounts payable and purchasing activity by:

  • Auditing open tax years and identify overpayments made to state, local taxing jurisdictions, and/or vendors

  • Preparing tax refund claim(s) along with applicable support documentation to ensure approval

  • Working with client and taxing jursidiction(s) as needed to facilitate the refund process.

  • Conducting an in-depth review of your current procedures to discover the root cause of overpayments

The benefits of AdVantage Tax’s reverse audit services:
Payment based on recovered funds
Reduce your workload
Identify root cause of overpayments
Improve Processes
Enhance company’s performance
Facilitate refund process between client and taxing jurisdiction
Prepare tax refund claims along with applicable support documentation

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